A new week

In a way, I’m looking forward to losing my hair. It will make getting ready so much easier. The shower, hair, and makeup process is feeling like a lot of work as I get further into chemo. I’m getting my hair shaved off on Saturday afternoon. That will help.

I’m finally feeling a little bit normal today. The side effects aren’t as heinous. I’m worried our family fun day planned for tomorrow at Six Flags is going to need to be postponed. I can’t venture too far from the bathroom nowadays. Getting sick at an amusement park sounds very not fun. I’m trying to think of something else we could do as a family tomorrow instead.

We’re celebrating Freya’s 16th birthday tonight with a fancy dinner out. Hence the hair and makeup bullshit….lol. I want to get a family pic tonight. We should be taking lots of pics at this point.

I need to find some new ways to amuse myself during my lie-ins. More than just TV and books. Maybe I should learn to crochet or some such shit. Seriously though, I need some intellectual stimulation.

More later.

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