Just another day

As long as women don’t have the right to choose, I will not be celebrating this country, and I’m low key judging anyone who does.

My neighborhood is very into the 4th, so it’s a lot of boom boom boom around here. Poor Bismarck. Also – just went outside and everything is covered in firework debris. Ugh.

This is D’s favorite holiday, but luckily he’s into being chill this year. So we will watch movies later and be slugs. I’m into it. I wanted to go to the Roe protest downtown, but I’m not feeling well enough today. I’m feeling nauseated and weak. I need to let the healthy women fight the good fight. I’m there in spirit. Freya is going, and I can’t wait to hear about her experience.

I got all my wigs out and ready to wear. I haven’t left the house much since my haircut, so I haven’t felt the need. We have a concert tomorrow night, but it’s outside, so I’m just gonna rock the buzz cut. Fuck it.

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