Monday Night List Life

  • OMFG Better Call Saul was soooooo good tonight. That was a helluva comeback.
  • A headache is a-brewin’.
  • It was awesome to spend the afternoon with Jackson.
  • And Freya will be home tomorrow night, and we get to keep her until next Wednesday!! ♥️ That was unexpected.
  • Oh and next week I get Jackson alllll week. ♥️
  • And we get both kids for my birthday weekend too.
  • That was a lot of ands.
  • I want to go see The Black Phone.
  • I’m currently reading Things We Do In The Dark and it’s fucking fantastic so far (halfway thru).
  • I’m also reading a book of scary short stories called At Home With The Horrors, and I’m impressed so far. I don’t normally love short stories, but these are quite good.
  • I made it through Stranger Things episode 2, and I def want to keep watching. Technically, I saw most of season one back in the day, but I don’t remember most of it.
  • We had dinner outside tonight, and it was great until the fucking bugs showed up.
  • My big goal for the summer is to sell the Mini Cooper, which we haven’t used in like 2+ years. I want to use the money for a fancy family vacay.
  • I’ve been forcing myself to visualize myself still alive for certain things in the future. I’ve been sort of just writing myself off already, and it’s not healthy. So like: I will be here for D’s 50th birthday next year. I will be here for Freya’s high school graduation in two years. Stuff like that.
  • But I def worry what sort of state I’d be in at that point. This body is falling apart.
  • So I was reading about the Mariana Trench last night, and holy shit it’s terrifying imagining that depth.
  • Random, I know.
  • xoxo
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