I’m boring.

Ugh – so sick today. And fatigued. I just really need a day (or three) where I feel good. The bad days outnumber the good at this point, and it fucking sucks.

It’s weird having a teenager. She left at 10 am to go to her boyfriend’s house, and then she works tonight, so she won’t be home until about 10 pm. And she can drive herself now. So independent.

As of mid-November, we will have two teens in the house. Double weird.

Reading posts in my MBC support group about significant others being unsupportive, makes me extra grateful for D. I’m lucky to have someone so great in my corner. Also – our kids help me a lot. And friends check in.

Still – it’s lonely regardless. I never get a break from this 24/7 cancer ride. Times like now when I’m alone, but too ill to do anything, really suck.

I really hope I feel well enough to have a good birthday weekend. I may set up fluids for Thursday to maximize my chances. Fluids and the good anti-nausea meds will def help.

I leave to go pick Jackson up from coding camp in about an hour. Can’t wait to hear about the first day.

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