10:31 pm

Another day of not feeling well is almost over.

I don’t want to wish my life away, but this doesn’t feel like living. I dread waking up. Sleep is my only refuge from the nausea and the pain.

Trying to manifest a good day tomorrow by thinking good thoughts. Trying to stay positive. I will have another good day at some point. Hopefully soon. Hopefully several in a row.

I’m worried tho. What if the treatment isn’t working? What if these are symptoms instead of side effects? What if the next treatment is even worse?

Freya and I watched a lot of Stranger Things season 3 today. Only one episode left, which we’ll watch tomorrow. I’m going to be bummed when I’m all caught up.

The hair loss this time around is so different. It’s falling out very slowly. At a certain point I’ll need to simply shave it off. It’s taking a while to come out, but it’s not really growing back once it’s gone.

Assuming I feel okay, I may go get a mani/pedi tomorrow as a pre-birthday treat. I deserve it.

I also need to do some more cleaning. I’m hosting a small gathering on Saturday night, and I need to get the house in order. Plus, I want the place to look good when D gets home on Thursday night. A clean house helps him relax. I was able to clean the kitchen today before the nausea forced me into a four hour nap. You can’t be nauseated if you’re asleep!

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