Weed Wednesday

  • Yes, I’m high right now on grape ape.
  • Today my bestie told me she went fishing, and I had a much needed laugh imagining it.
  • Still no news on those biopsy results. Sigh.
  • My schedule is ridiculous without D here to keep me on track. I stay up half the night. Eat dinner between 10:30 and midnight. Sleep until 11. I’m a fucking mess.
  • I ordered some high-quality, high-dose CBD gummies, with hope it will help alleviate the nausea.
  • I’ve also started drinking ginger tea for the same reason. It is not delish.
  • I’m desperate, bro.
  • The heating pad is also very much my friend. Cancer hurts. I put it on the highest setting until the burning numbs the pain.
  • I’m getting fluids and the good nausea meds tomorrow afternoon tho. Score.
  • D says he’s taking me shopping on my birthday, and I say yayyyyyyy to that. Gotta figure out where I want to go. Maybe the fancy outlet mall. Except it’s an outdoor mall, and it’s going to be like 103 degrees outside. No joke.
  • Oh how did I almost forget: my friend is hooking me up with a therapist who is willing to be my trip guide! He’s cultivated his own mushrooms. She texted to see if I was interested and I was like fuck yeah I’m interested. There are some interesting studies showing benefits in using hallucinogenic drugs for terminally ill individuals.
  • Besides, it’s on my bucket list.
  • Go big or go the fuck home, right? Yolo and all that shit.
  • And now I shall watch season 4, ep 4 of Stranger Things. I’m digging this season so far. I wasn’t a huge fan of season 3.
  • xo Jenn
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