Celebrate We Will, Cause Life Is Short But Sweet For Certain.

I had a tiny gathering at my place last night to celebrate my birthday. Just the old school core group. It was still somewhat overwhelming for me, but it was good to catch up with everyone, and I felt pretty good most of the night. Plus, they get the sitch and understand when I need a break.

I don’t have many pics to share. Frey took a bunch on her fancy camera, but I don’t have those yet.

The night kind of ended on a sour note between the husband and myself due to a misunderstanding. Feelings are a bitch. Things are cool now though, so that’s what matters.

We shut the party down around midnight. D had to travel early, and I just can’t party like I used to. Though I’ve noticed that, as a group, we just don’t party as hard anymore. We’re all getting old. Lol.

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