An Update

I’m going in for a chest CT tomorrow afternoon so Dr. B can get a more complete pic of what’s going on. They only scanned my abdomen in the ER. I’ll be meeting with her on Monday before chemo to discuss.

I’m depressed and angry.

I’m hoping to get some stuff accomplished today. Right now, however, I’m in bed with the heating pad. My stomach is angry this morning.

I have a grumpy husky on my hands. He wants to play RIGHT NOW, but I can’t. I feel bad for him. He’s so pathetic and dramatic. My little derp wolf.

Last night, we had some epic thunderstorms. Poor Bismarck was so scared, though he calmed once we put him in his kennel. He’s scared of both thunder and lightning.

Sigh. I have so much I should be doing. No rest for the weary.


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