Saturday Sitch

I keep thinking it’s Sunday, but it’s only Saturday. Days of the week don’t mean much to me anymore. The only schedule I have currently is my chemo schedule.

D and I got to pick our cruise excursions this afternoon, which was exciting. I’m super excited for Naples where we’re doing a winery and lunch excursion. Everything else is historical shit, which is cool, but a day of just chilling and enjoying the countryside sounds lovely.

Also exciting: my cat wall is up!

I love it.

Speaking of cats…current status:

And me:

We have a friend’s birthday party this evening, and I’m on the fence as to whether I should go. I want to, but I’m not feeling great, so I won’t be able to stay very long, which would suck for D. He deserves to have a fun night out. Of course, so do I, but it’s become harder to have fun at parties since I don’t drink anymore and usually feel poorly. It’s not fun to watch other people have fun. Then again, it’s not fun to sit home while you know your friends are all out having fun.

Cancer…the ultimate shit sandwich.

Maybe I’ll just stay home and get high. Watch horror or read it. I do feel better than yesterday, which has my hopeful that maybe this next week (or even tomorrow) will be more fun for me.

Apparently, I have a bunch of new readers here. Hello!


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