Things About Today (And Yesterday)

I slept late, like 10:30. Woke up with a headache, but otherwise well. But then got sick (yay). Feeling better now though. I’ve been high all day.

Stuff I watched:

I really enjoyed that cat documentary. Cats are fascinating and magical creatures.

I realized I missed my lung function test this morning. Oops. I suck at being a cancer patient.

I have a bunch of new books, and I’m trying to decide which to start. I really enjoyed the last two: Sundial and I’m Glad My Mom Died. Most of what I have on hand is horror, of course. ☺️

What if I wrote a memoir? I mean – the blog is one essentially, right? Idk…I need a project. Something to feel passionate about. Hmm.

Btw I looked cute af last night:

And I ate like a queen:

I think we’re going to order Penn Station tonight and watch Severance. We finished For All Mankind last night. I wanted to start a new show I found on Netflix, but it’s fucking dubbed and I cannot deal. I fucking hate that shit. It hurts my brain that the lips and sounds don’t match.

TGIF. xoxo

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