Sunday Funday? Let’s hope so!

  • I keep waking up with music in my head. This morning it’s Party In The USA by Miley Cyrus.
  • Only minor symptoms so far this morning. Starting to feel cautiously optimistic about this treatment.
  • The plan for today is to get out, though I’m not sure where we’re going. As long as I’m with D, I don’t really care.
  • I can’t believe tomorrow is the first day of school. I spent most of the summer too sick to do anything, and that’s a real bummer. I had so many plans.
  • I’m still hopeful that I’ll be able to take the kids to Chicago this fall. We want to do a big shopping trip on Michigan Avenue. If this treatment gives me reliable good days, then I’ll be able to pick the date and get to planning.
  • I know I’m feeling better because I’m back to being shoppy. I bought several things (online) yesterday. A dress, nail polish, tarot cards, etc.
  • One of my MBC friends has taken a turn for the worse. They don’t expect her to live much longer. She made it five years from her stage 4 diagnosis. I’m 2 1/2 years into this MBC shit…I wonder how muxh longer I have?
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