seize the day!

I find myself wanting to write more often. If only I had anything interesting to say.

What’s going on with me? So nice of you to ask! lol

Feeling pretty good, all things considered. I’ve had a headache the past couple of days, but nothing I can’t function with. In other ways, I’m feeling almost normal. My stomach has been playing nicely, for the most part, and I’ve been able to eat normally. I’m trying to enjoy it while it lasts, and not worry about stupid things like gaining weight. Gaining some weight would be a good thing according to my oncologist.

I do think this treatment is going to work for a while, and will be my “last hurrah” so to speak. I think after this I am fucked, and will slowly deteriorate until I die. This is the last good treatment.

Don’t be sad. It is what it is.

D and I watched House of the Dragon last night, and I thought it was great. It feels good to have new material in the Game of Thrones universe. I’m also looking forward to the new Lord of the Rings series. Oh and we finished Severance. It is a slow burn, but ultimately worth the watch. The last two episodes were fantastic. Looking forward to season 2. Though I’ll admit that I don’t allow myself to get attached to shows much anymore, since I likely won’t see how they ultimately end. The last show I allowed myself to get attached to was Better Call Saul. I’m so glad I got to see the end of it. I found it very satisfying, for the record.

I’m home alone today. The kids are at school, and will be with their other parents until Friday. D is at work. It’s nice and quiet in the house. I took a nap earlier. I’ve been really tired the last few days, but I’m not sleeping well at night for some reason. My plan is to do some laundry and light cleaning. I finished a book, and started another, so I will spend most of the afternoon reading. Retirement perks! There has to be some upside to having my life derailed by cancer, right?

Since I feel like I’m living the last of my good days, I’m trying to fill my schedule up with fun activities. Gotta live big and make memories! I’ve accepted an invitation to a wine tasting night. I’m going to be getting tickets to go to the Jazz STL Homecoming in October. I now have three trips scheduled, and maybe be scheduling a fourth (the bestie wants to go to FL). I’m feeling optimistic about the rest of this year.

It’s Wednesday, so maybe I’ll make myself cute and convince D to take me out. Oh and maybe I will go live on Facebook for Weed Wednesday. You can find me at Jenn Rieken if you’re interested. Almost all of my stuff is public at this point.


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3 thoughts on “seize the day!

  1. I’m not really fun but if you ever need to fill time, I would love to spend some with you.

  2. I’m so glad the new treatment is giving you a break from the misery and I hope it’s a nice, long break from it.

    I loved the first episode of The House of the Dragon, too. It was so great seeing the familiar sets and hearing familiar names and realizing that R is Dani’s g-g-g-g-g-g grandmother! So cool! Daemon will be a fun character.

    Severance – I don’t totally get it, but I enjoyed it.

    Also waiting for Lord of the Rings series.

    I haven’t watched Better Call Saul yet but I did watch and loved Breaking Bad.

    I hope you continue to feel well and can do lots of fun things this week.

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