Thursday Things

I didn’t end up falling asleep until around 4, but I read two novellas, so it wasn’t all bad. I’ve been catching up on Matt Shaw’s stuff recently. He’s written a lot. He’s a horror author. Duh. ☺️

Today is the last day of this month’s Reading Rivalry competition, so I’ll spend most of my afternoon trying to finish my current read, which is about 400 pages, and would add some much needed points to my team’s ultimate total. We don’t have a shot at #1, but I don’t want to be last.

I’ve been thinking about buying a crochet kit. Is it difficult to learn? I need another hobby. I’m also thinking about starting Servant. I need a show. I’ve been slowly rewatching Friends, because Annie and Freya love it so much, but it’s just not holding up for me. It’s kinda cringey. There…I said it.

I have a bad headache so I told the husband I want to order in either Thai or Chinese, and start Barbarians. I’m glad we ended up going out last night instead. I looked cute:

That’s all she wrote.


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