• First came the headache, then the stomach issues. It hasn’t been a great weekend for me.
  • But I got to hang with Freya’s cats at her mom’s house for a bit. We went to feed them and give them some attention since her mom is gone this weekend. I finally got to pet Salem, so I was excited about that. He’s a gorgeous black cat, but he’s always been shy with me during past encounters.
  • Thank you to whomever sent the cute penguin crochet kit. It’s adorable, and I’m excited to get started. Y’all spoil me. ♥️
  • I bought some needlepoint kits, but I’m super intimidated by them. I used to do them when I was younger, but I’ve lost all my skills.
  • I read We Need To Do Something by Max Booth, and I thought it was really good. It’s difficult to write a compelling story about a family trapped in a bathroom, but he nailed it. I’ve heard the movie adaptation isn’t great, but I’ll probably watch it sometime this week to see for myself.
  • This week is a mixed bag. D will be gone the first half, which is a suck, but I’m getting used to it. Also – chemo on Thursday, which I’m dreading. BUT…I have lunch plans with KC, the bestie is staying over on Tuesday, and I’m going to afternoon tea on Wednesday, so it’s not all bad. I’m trying to squeeze in as much fun as possible before Enhertu #2.
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