Tuesday Tidbits

  • I think my recent headaches may have been caused by the cheapo glasses I’ve been wearing. I noticed that my vision seemed blurry over the course of the past few days. I switched to different glasses, and while my vision isn’t perfect, it’s def better. I didn’t have much of a headache yesterday so hopefully I’ll be good for a while. I need to schedule an eye exam.
  • I donated 12 bags/boxes of stuff to charity yesterday, and it feels so good to be rid of it. I still have more to go, so I’m going to schedule another pickup for two weeks from now, since I know I won’t feel well enough to deal with it next week. Just FYI: Vietnam Vets of America come to your house to pickup the stuff and it’s so convenient. I love it.
  • This purging and organizing is part of what I’m calling “death nesting.” I want things to be easy on the fam after I’m gone.
  • Just looked at something far off, and wow my vision really has deteriorated. Damn.
  • The bestie is coming over tonight and I’m excited about that.
  • I’ve made the decision not to renew my license to practice law. It feels…crazy, absolutely nuts, to be in this position, but it’s an entire fucking ordeal of classes and money to stay licensed, and what’s the point? I am not going back to work unless some crazy miracle happens, and even then I might decide to do something different. I don’t think I want to go back to being a lawyer. I’ve changed.
  • So I’m thinking about volunteering at my son’s school library. They need help. Is that weird? Seems like it might be fulfilling in some way. The time I worked at the library was def one of my favorite jobs.
  • That’s all for now. xoxo
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