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I’m feeling so much better today.

I’ve been awake since around 6 am, which is unusual for me, but I’m weirdly energized today. I’ve gotten a good amount of stuff done too, which makes me happy.

I had a phone conversation with my palliative doc. She okayed upping my pain and nausea meds. She’s the real MVP. Woo! The pain in my back has been intense. I’m going back on extended release morphine, and can do up to 15 mg Oxycodone every four hours. I’m also taking breaks to chill with the heating pad.

I need to start walking again. I desperately need the exercise. I’m also considering restarting yoga, though it’s hard on my wrists. I just need to move my body more. It’s so weak and stiff.

I’m getting fat too. I have bloating, plus ascites, and I’ve def got menopause belly going on. It’s not a good look and I don’t feel good about myself. That said, I’m not planning to diet or obsess over a scale. I’m done with that shit. I’m done with body shaming. Still – it’s on my mind more than I like, so I need to make some sort of effort.

I ordered four pairs of leggings today (lularoe – yep they still make them) because my wardrobe nowadays is all about comfort. Cooler weather will be here soon and I plan to embrace my inner basic bitch with leggings, sweaters, and boots.

I’ve started the fall decorating. Actually, Freya started it, and I’m finishing it. It’s more subdued than in years past, but I’m going to add some things here and there as I find stuff I like. I want to take Frey shopping this weekend for decor. And candles. I want all the fall scented candles.

You know what I’ve been craving? Old lady candy, like the chewy strawberry candies and the neopolitan chews. I’m going to buy some for my candy jar, I think.

I’m off my reading game so far this month. I think I read so much last month that I’m bored with it. I just want to be doing something as much as possible when I’m feeling well. Here’s my progress so far:

I’m currently reading a new book from one of my favorite authors, and even that isn’t keeping my attention.

Okay – I’m off to find another project. I think it’s time to put away all the summer dresses. And maybe do a shoe purge as well. 😬

ttfn xoxo

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