London: Day 3

I didn’t go to sleep until around 4 am, so we got a late start to the day. We grabbed drinks at Starbucks first (chai for me), and chatted for a while. Then we went to a pub for lunch.

I had a grilled cheese toastie and some chips. The food here has been quite bland for the most part. I considered getting the fish & chips since it’s the iconic English meal, but…yuck. 😂

After lunch, we grabbed a taxi to Oxford Street for some shopping. I got to go to Primark, which was an experience! It was huge, and crazy busy. Too busy. The vibe was like a mix between an Old Navy and an H&M. Anyway – the prices were soooo good. I got a fuckton of stuff for like 70 pounds. Then we walked around Selfridge & Co, a super fancy department store. Apparently there’s a show about it, that Lina says I need to watch. I bought the cutest shoes that I’m excited to show off.

For dinner, we hit up a Thai restaurant near our hotel. Decent food. I had a very tasty beer, and we planned our day tomorrow.

We have a reservation for afternoon tea tomorrow, and we’re hoping to make it to a tour of The Tower.

I’m having a really good time, but I def miss home. Still – I’m shoving as much living in as I can while I’m here. I love how late things stay open. I wish our restaurants stayed open later in the US. Oh and I love all the little corner convenience stores. Oh and Boots is fabulous!

I’m tired and my brain is kinda fried. My legs are still quite sore from yesterday. I’m meeting L tomorrow morning at 9 am for breakfast. I’m really enjoying my time with her.

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