London: Day 5

I started the day with a headache, so instead of braving the crowds at the crack of dawn in hopes of catching a glimpse of the funeral procession, I watched from the comfort of bed. After hearing about Lina’s experience out and about, I have no regrets. London is absolutely insane right now.

We hooked up around 2:30 pm. After getting some much needed caffeine, we set out on today’s mission to see some of the oldest pubs in London.

The first stop was the Seven Stars. It’s allegedly the oldest. I say allegedly because apparently there is some controversy surrounding this. But it’s also across the street from the Royal Courts of Justice, and said to be a big lawyer hangout, so we were super excited to see it. Unfortunately, it was pretty disappointing. It was super small and really, really shitty. Being old is no excuse to be filthy. The only bright spot was the pub cat: The General. He was gorgeous and I managed to get in a few good pets before he fucked off out the door. We weren’t far behind him. It was a one beer and out sorta situation.

Next up was The Prospect of Whitby, which was quaint, clean, and much more our speed.

I decided to go full British being it’s our last night, and ordered steak & ale pie and sticky toffee and date pudding. It was…okay. The food here is just not my jam. Sorry, British friends. 😬

I absolutely love the pet culture here. People bring their dogs into the pubs and stores. I have met many adorable doggos during my time in London, which I’ve enjoyed immensely, of course. The downside is that there is a lot of dog shit on the sidewalks.

Oh what a trip! I had to buy an additional (small) suitcase to get all the souvenirs home. My flight leaves tomorrow afternoon, and I’m so, so ready to see my family. That said, I had no idea how much I needed this time away to discover more about who I am now, and what I can do. What I’ve discovered is that there is still a lot of life left in this old gal, and she’s way ready to live big. And in that spirit, I leave for Florida on Thursday morning!!


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