It’s so good to be home!

  • Sleeping in my own bed last night was incredible. The bed at the hotel was shitty af. I was not impressed by the hotel at all. It was more like a shitty bed & breakfast, but without the breakfast.
  • When I walked in last night, I got all the hugs, and lots of howls from the husky.
  • Sansa is happy I’m home, but she’s still salty with me for being gone, so I get lots of cuddles followed by a quick bite to the hand to remind me as much. Lol.
  • Today is a busy day of laundry, unpacking, and repacking. We leave for Florida very early tomorrow morning. I’m not looking forward to being back at the airport or on a plane, but I’m so looking forward to seeing our friends, and also the ocean.
  • Speaking of flying, my legs and feet were extremely swollen last night, which I guess is fairly common after long flights, but I’ve never had that issue before. It’s better this morning, but not completely resolved.
  • It’s hard to watch my body fall apart and be powerless to stop it.
  • It’s funny how when I feel less like a cancer patient than I have in a long time, I look the most like one. The good news is that my eyebrows and lashes seem to be growing back, so hopefully this will be short lived. I miss having hair.
  • It’s Wednesday, so hopefully I’ll find some time to go live on Facebook this afternoon. A big old hit of weed and a “chat” sounds good right now.
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