Florida: Day 4

We had a late flight home, so we had time to hang out before heading to the airport. After lunch, we found the I Dream Of Jeannie stuff in Cocoa Beach so that D could pay tribute. He’s like obsessed with Barbara Eden. It’s weird, dude.

We had a really good weekend hanging with our friends. We always have the best time with them. D, in particular, needed this time away to unwind. That said, we are both super happy to be home. I’m ready to hunker down and be a homebody for a while.

Sansa is soooo mad at me. Lol.

I have to be at the cancer center bright and early tomorrow morning. Hopefully my doctor will have a plan to get rid of all this swelling. It’s painful and ugly and I hate it. Oh and apparently I now look cancery enough that people give up their seats for me. Sigh. But I really did need the seat. I’m literally disabled and I don’t know how to handle it. It’s such a mind fuck.

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