Monday Stuff

The fatigue has hit like a brick wall. It’s like I’ve been running on adrenaline the last couple of weeks, and I’ve finally run out.

I saw my oncologist this morning. She’s concerned about the extent of the swelling, so she held chemo and set up a bunch of tests and procedures. We did an ultrasound on my legs today to rule out blood clots. I also got a chest x-ray that was clean. I’m getting my stomach (and maybe lungs) drained on Wednesday. I have a CT scan set for the Thurs after next, but she’s going to try to get that moved up. I’m worried she thinks Enhertu isn’t working, and I’m even more worried after seeing that my tumor markers have gone back up. I’m trying not to go down the rabbit hole, but it’s hard.

In good news: Bismarck is home. I’ve finished unpacking (mostly). The kids will be home tonight. I’m excited for a family dinner. And the silver lining of no chemo is that I will hopefully feel good this week, which means I’ll get a lot accomplished.

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