It’s October!!

My favorite month. I truly worry it will be my last October, so I want to enjoy it as much as possible.

I have things to say, but can’t say them here yet. Soon.

It’s Saturday, which is nice. It’s nice to wake up and have D still asleep beside me. We have a dinner party tonight, but otherwise will have a nice lazy day. I’m going to pick a new book to start reading. It’s the first day of the new month of Reading Rivalry. I still haven’t been on a winning team. Grr.

I’m trying to decide if I want to go all out with hair (wig obvi) and makeup tonight or if I want to keep it real. I’m so over wigs. I kinda just want to go as is and be done with it. I’m tired of hiding the reality of my situation. I feel like it’s better for everyone to know.

Ugh I’m so over everything cancer, which is bad timing because this is the first day of breast cancer awareness month. Let the pinkwashing begin.

Tonight is Freya’s homecoming, and I’m super excited to see all the pics. I hope she has a fabulous night.

That’s all for now. ♥️

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