Sunday Evening Hi(gh)

  • My muscles fucking hurt and so do my super swollen knees. Cancer or psoriatic arthritis flare-up?
  • We cooked together tonight. We made chili and cornbread. It was nice to be in the kitchen together again.
  • It’s 8:23 pm and I’ve gotten in 5743 steps. Not bad, cancer gal.
  • It’s motherfucking breast cancer awareness month.
  • I have a shitty memory nowadays.
  • I have tickets to see the Toadies on Wednesday night and I keep forgetting about it.
  • I bought a bunch of new chemo caps because fuck wigs that’s why.
  • I’m currently burning my upper back with the heating pad and it feels awesome.
  • I’m experimenting wish using fewer commas. I don’t think I like it.
  • Just like how I’ll always be “Team Two Spaces After A Period.”

This spoke to me today:

This is what I’ve been smoking today:

I bought an electric kettle at Costco this afternoon, and it’s AWESOME.

Plus, that tea was incredible.

Today’s chemo caps:


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