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2 thoughts on “Truthful Tuesday?

  1. This shit is terrifying. You’re not alone in your fear, I’m right there with ya <3. It can be so dark. Thank you for all you do to distract us, with your frequent posts. I find things like talking about tea super helpful in distracting me from fear, and I am starting to treat fear like pain, where distraction and accepting a different baseline is useful. I know you find the hippie lettuce beneficial too haha, but I'm worried to take it with treatment. And when you post about more serious stuff, it is helpful in a different way, to know there are people out there who understand.
    I am really hopeful for you regarding this treatment! I am taking Ribociclib/Letrozole but am going to ask my MO at our next appointment her opinion on switching to Abemaciclib. I wrote out why here, but cut it because it was so boring! Anyway, I found this clip from a Mayo Clinic BrCa Oncologist regarding Verzeio/Abemaciclib side effects. I felt it was reassuring, so am including in case anyone reading wants to listen.
    Also there is a drug coming down the pike called Lasofoxifene for therapy resistant ER+ MBC. Who knows whether it will ever be a thing, but I'm following.

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