• I got my Faslodex shots today. I was supposed to do a bunch of other stuff, but I’m pretty worthless today it turns out.
  • I’ll go back to being on top of things tomorrow. I have family admin shit to do, and cruise prep as well. Plus, I should pay some bills. LOL
  • I’ve been watching Dahmer on Netflix, and it’s just so horrifying. There are no words. And they way the cops handled things? Outrageous. Disgusting.
  • I signed up to be a Door Dash driver. I don’t know if I’ll actually do it, but I like the flexibility a lot. A little pocket money would be nice.
  • No side effects from Verzenio yet, but it’s def too early to tell. May it please be kind.
  • I’m supposed to go see The Toadies tonight. I bought the tickets months ago, back when I was still able to do such things. I’ve decided I’m not feeling up to trying. I could do it, but I’d pay for it tomorrow, and it’s just not worth it. I’ve seen them like four or five times already. ☺️
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