Thursday Things

I’m still angry.

I’m trying to get things accomplished today so I’ll feel needed and helpful.

I kinda feel like nobody cares about me anymore.

My husband does for sure. But does anyone else really? Will it matter when I’m gone? Life will just go on, as it does.

And still I try to do what I can to make the transition easier. I love them so much.

The cats will care. Look at this baby:

She’s lays on my lap most of the day.

Today’s agenda:

  • Wait on the guy to come tow the Mini. We’re getting it serviced at the dealer, and replacing the battery so we can be a three car household.
  • Laundry
  • Start a new book, assuming it’s delivered today. It wasn’t available on Kindle so I had to order a hard copy. I really want to read this book so no other will do. Haha.
  • Take a shower.
  • Finish Dahmer. I have two episodes left.
  • Tonight is date night. Not sure where we’re going yet, but I’m excited to get out.
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