So this is Friday…

I woke up early this morning not feeling well. I managed to sleep a few more hours before puke-ageddon started. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I do enjoy that relief you feel immediately after throwing up. I took one of the good nausea meds right after, so I’m hoping that will be it. I’m guess these are side effects from Verzenio, though it could just be the cancer itself. I’ve noticed increased pain in my abdomen, which is where the cancer is most active. Assuming no emergencies in between, it will be three months before I know whether this treatment is working.

It’s Friday. I was supposed to have lunch with Carrie, but had to cancel. Again. I feel like the worst friend when that happens, but I know she understands, and I love her for it. I’m supposed to pick up Jackson in a couple of hours. No school today due to Fall Break, which we def didn’t have when I was a kid. Lol.

I finished Dahmer yesterday. In the end, I was left feeling very sad. For everyone. Except the cops. Fuck them.

I watched the first episode of Devil In Ohio, and it kept me interested enough that I will watch more. Maybe I’ll binge it this weekend. I like TV much better when I can binge it. It doesn’t hold my interest otherwise.

I didn’t do a Facebook Live this week because I feel like people are tired of my bullshit. But then I remind myself that I’m wanting to leave the videos behind for the family, so I guess I should do one soon. I’ve just been in a bad headspace. I think that’s understandable. But D and I had a really good time last night, and that helped a lot.

For now, I’m going to sleep some more before I have to get Jackson.


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