A good day!

Freya needed a mental health day today, so she skipped school and we had a lunch and shopping day. I think it’s exactly what we both needed.

The deets:

  • I bought a Def Leppard shirt that I’m obsessed with. Super comfy.
  • I bought a Halloween costume. I’m going as “Fancy Flapper.” Easy peasy and still fun. I was going to do Scarlett O’Hara but it’s too much work. Maybe next year.
  • Next year…don’t go down the rabbit hole, girl.
  • Iced chai latte from Starbucks this afternoon and split a slice of pumpkin cheesecake at lunch. Getting in all those autumnal vibes.
  • My stomach is playing nice today. I messaged my medical team and they offered some suggestions I’m going to try out.
  • I totally bought a shirt from the maternity section today and I give exactly zero fucks. It’s this cute plaid tunic and it’s comfortable af.
  • Shopping is different for me nowadays. I’m going for cute and comfy instead of quirky/trendy/stylish. I still get some quirky into the mix, but leggings and yoga pants are 100% my lifeline at this point.

Okay that’s all for now. I’m texting with my seemingly grumpy husband about our dinner plans. Must focus. Lol. Ah the beauty of the mundane. It’s been a good day. ♥️

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