Weed Wednesday: Written Word Version

I feel like writing. It helps me feel less lonely. Jackson left for the weekend so it’s just little old me (and the pets) now. It’s so quiet. The silence feels heavy.

I’ve been thinking about what remains to-do that’s really important to me. I want to do as much traveling and memory-making as possible with the family (and friends). But, as far as personal goals, I sort of regret never getting paid to be a writer. I think I would have eventually written a book, but now it feels too complicated. I feel rushed, and nothing good comes from that. So instead I’ll continue to write here, and hope that it’s enjoyed.

A reel I posted over on Instagram of Violet kneading my stomach has over 300 likes. It’s so bizarre to me the things I post that actually become kinda popular. She is super cute tho and purring like a maniac in the video. I thought of it just now because it’s happening again: Violet is making the biscuits, but this time on my thigh.

D has a big meeting today where he’s presenting to the product team all the research his team has been working on and when they can expect to be able to turn it into money. That’s my take on it anyway. He was nervous going in, but I’m confident it’s going well. He’s an amazing public speaker, and seriously the smartest person I know. Not always the wisest (lol) but to be fair he’s gained a lot of ground on that front too. I tell him he’s the smart one and I’m the wise one. Together we make a good team.

God, I love him so fucking much.

Yesterday he was very excited about the blink-182 reunion. I hope I’ll be around long enough and be well enough to go see them when the time comes. I smile just thinking about it.

I’ve started subscribing via Patreon to Liberty Hardy’s weekly book newsletter, and I highly recommend it if you’re a book nerd like me. She not only lists all the new releases for the week, but gives reviews, music suggestions, links to relevant events and articles, plus cat pics!! Anyway – it’s fab and so is she. It’s like $9 per month and so worth it. Check her out on Insta @ franzencomesalive.

I’m trying to get as high as possible right now so I can just bliss out for the rest of the day/night. D is out tonight at a (hopefully celebratory) work dinner. I was supposed to hang with MVS, but my body decided to be a dick instead. Sorry, bro. Love you muchly. ♥️

Soon. Soon. Soon. I miss my peeps. They’re like balm on my battered soul.

I’m currently reading The Luckiest Girl Alive, which has apparently been turned into a Netflix movie. I may watch that. Or Hellraiser. Or maybe that movie…what’s it called…Look Both Ways?? Or maybe all 3. Sounds kinda tight actually.

I hope I can eat without a trip to vom-town, but I kinda doubt it.

ta-ta for now.

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