what have I done?

I feel almost like I’m being punished. I get one good day? Welp now you get two bad ones. It’s ridiculous, I know, but that’s how it feels sometimes. I had a good day yesterday, so I woke up early this morning feeling like absolute trash. I wasn’t able to get it together to take Jackson to school, and the dads couldn’t either, so he’s at home taking care of me. He’s the sweetest ever, and very helpful, but I feel like the worst mom subjecting him to this bullshit. He should be at school, learning, having fun with friends – not caring for his dying mother.

Ugh I fucking hate it. I HATE IT.

We are all at our emotional capacity over here. The entire fam. It’s grueling to live like this.

I want to quit the meds. I want it so bad I cannot even tell you. But I’m going to take the pill and pray for the best. Because…hope.

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2 thoughts on “what have I done?

  1. Hi Jenn,
    Listen, you have carted Sharad back and forth to more places than I can count. Mostly I work 3 days a week, and though I recognize that it probably seems like I am never free, I actually am occasionally. I do not mind helping, any time I’m awake and not working. I know what it feels like to be needed in buckets and available in drops.

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