A Little Sunday Funday

I decided to seize the day and get out of the house. Which means I went shopping. When Jenn gets bored, she shops. It is known. So I hit up TJ Maxx and bought some clothes and also a new carry-on bag for the Med trip. Oh and some fuzzy boots. hee hee.

Afterwards, I came home, got cute, and went out with my man. We hit up the neighborhood brewery for some drinks and then went out to dinner. It was a lovely time, and much needed. While we were out, we made plans for our anniversary. So now the plan for Friday night is dinner at Brasserie (one of our fave restaurants with a lot of history for us), then drinks or games or whatever in the CWE. We will be staying at the AC Hotel, which looks pretty swanky. (It better be for the price!) Then we will brunch the next morning before heading home to prepare for the Halloween-fest. OMG I’m so excited!

I almost forgot that the bestie and I have tickets to see Hades Town on Thursday night, so I’m pretty pumped about that as well. It’s going to be quite the weekend.

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