Another Trip To Cancer Town

Today’s Siteman visit went well. My oncologist was very supportive and understanding. She has a good plan in place for when I get back from the cruise. It feels good to know there are still plenty of options for me. She gives me hope that maybe I can hang in longer than I think. Plus, she set up fluids (tomorrow), and another paracentesis (Monday) so I can be in the best shape possible for the cruise. I’m lucky to have such a smart, caring, and understanding doctor in my corner.

I got my shots in the ass before I left. Always a good time. Lol

I did get a bit morbid though, and asked her how it would go if I stopped treatment. She said I’d end up with a permanent drain, and would likely need surgery at some point to fix a bowel obstruction or twisting. Most importantly, she said I’d have months (not weeks) to live, but not years. Its a bleak look into my future, but it’s something I wanted, and needed, to know.

So yeah.

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