Halloween Party 2022

This was the 11th annual Halloween party. We’ve come full circle in that it was small this year, just like the first one. About 14 people total, and 6 of those were kids. It was super laid back, which is what I needed. I want to see people, but it’s usually better to do so on my home turf.

I didn’t take many pics this year. I was too tired. I hate all the things this disease has taken from me.

Last night, Nancy told me that her and Carmen are planning to get a tattoo in my memory when the time comes. Carmen designed it to be my signature and then the last N loops into a cat. It sounds cute, and I was kind of floored that they want to do that. For me? Really? I almost cried.

A close-up of my costume. It wasn’t very comfortable so I ditched it about halfway through the night.

Comfort is king.

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