Observations So Far

The wifi here is awful. I can only post pics when I’m on LTE.

It’s 11:31 pm and we just crawled into bed. Another excursion set for tomorrow morning. Ephesus, baby.

The jet lag is real.

My feet and legs are so swollen, and it’s freaking me the fuck out. I’m trying to shove those feelings down with alcohol, which I’m certain doesn’t help, but at least helps my mental state.

We are the youngest guests on this Boomer cruise, but we’re still having fun. The people watching is fun.

Tonight we had a five course Asian infusion dinner, and the lady next to us had to ask what Asian food was. Um…wtf?

But then another dude had to borrow a pen so he could jot down his observations and feelings about the cuisine. Again…wtf?

This ship is fairly small, and the sea is quite choppy, so you can feel the ship move, sometimes a lot. It feels like walking while intoxicated.

The “Viking” Band is comprised of six Asians, and that made us giggle. They sang “Islands In The Stream” – see Boomer shit.

I hope this uploads.

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