Day 3 Excursion: Wonders Of The Ancient World

Today we docked in Kusadasi and headed over to Ephesus to see the Basilica of St. John, and to tour the Ephesus Museum. We also stopped into a mosque, and then went to see how Turkish rugs are made. The rug part was interesting until they put the hard sell on us. D and I bailed on that shit, and found a cute little restaurant for lunch. We had kebabs, which were delish. After lunch, we walked around until it was time to board the ship. I bought a necklace and scarf as my souvenirs.

Pic time!

There are so many cats (and dogs too) wandering the streets here. I knew about this, but it’s crazy to actually see it. They’re everywhere! Of course I stop to talk to them and offer pets. They are all really sweet, but it makes me sad that they don’t have loving homes.

And here is a random pic of me just because I like it.

This was a fabulous day. I’m so grateful.

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  1. I love this so much! You look so happy. I’m sorry you’re legs and feet are swelling. I hope it doesn’t affect your trip too much.

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