Excursion Day 4: Scenic Chania Walking Tour

Crete was absolutely incredible. So beautiful. Our tour took us to the old Venetian harbor, and it was the most picturesque place I’ve ever been. After the tour, we had lunch and went shopping before heading back to the ship.

The only bad part was when a store clerk asked about my pregnancy, and I had to explain that I’m not pregnant (ugh I wish) but that I have cancer in my stomach. We both ended up feeling like shit. UGH.

We left Crete around five, and are on the way to Sicily. Tomorrow is a sea day. Our plan is to relax as much as possible. Reading by the pool sounds good. We did a bit of that today, and also had afternoon tea, which was quite disappointing. Oh well. Not everything can be perfect.

We bought a clay vase today in the Minoan style. I’m excited to find it a spot for it in the house. We’ve acquired some beautiful momentos.

It’s not quite 9 pm and we’re in the room. Tonight is Viking Prom, but D is too tired, and I’m too swollen, so we decided to chill instead. My legs and feet are so swollen that it’s scaring me, but I can’t really do anything about it. I put on compression socks and have my legs elevated. I hope that helps.

Anyway – still having a most fabulous trip. Enjoying every moment. D is so relaxed, and it’s good to see him smiling again.

I have many more pics I’d love to post, but the wifi isn’t playing nice. Check out my Facebook if you want.


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