• It’s 6:44 am here in STL. We got around around 1 am. I was asleep not long after. And I’m already awake because jet lag is a bitch. It feels like 12:45 pm to me.
  • It took us one bus and three planes to get back to St. Louis. We were traveling for about 24 hours. It was awful, and my body is broken. My feet and legs were so swollen that I could barely walk.
  • We get our doggo and kids back today. I gave the cats some pets last night before I crashed. It feels weird, but good, to be home.
  • The trip was awesome, but I think I’m still processing everything.
  • I’m weirdly looking forward to seeing my oncologist on Monday and getting a treatment plan in place. This cancer can go fuck itself.
  • I guess I should try to sleep a few more hours. We plan to feast at BWW for lunch. Welcome to America. Lol.
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