Still Here In The Hospital

Just got the go ahead to do a full liquid diet, which apparently means stuff like soup, milkshakes, smoothies, etc. I’m hoping I can convince my husband to get me a milkshake in a bit. This hospital menu is not where it’s at.

I’m really hungry. That’s a good sign, right?

The docs says it will take a few days for the stent to fully open. I have to be careful with my diet. Low fiber. Soft stuff.

I talked to my assigned oncologist (while I’m here). He said they’re holding chemo, which makes me nervous. I think they’re worried the treatment had something to do with what happened, but I feel like this has been going on for a long time and just finally got to the point where it was critical.

It’s amazing how much my stomach has shrunk since the treatment. They drained a ridiculous amount of stuff from it. Apparently it just kept expanding because of the blockage.

I’m worried. Everything is so uncertain. I’m scared. But I’m still here. I’m still fighting.

Tomorrow is Jackson’s 13th birthday. ♥️

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  1. That is such a relief that the surgery went well! I thought I posted yesterday, but I guess maybe didn’t hit post. I was worried about you, and was so glad to see that you were out of surgery. I hope you got your extremely well-deserved milkshake! And a very Happy Birthday to your sweet boy Jackson! And P.S. yay to a flat stomach

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