In the middle of the night

  • I’m wide awake at 2:48 am, because of course I am.
  • Happy Thanksgiving! ❤️
  • Reminder to self: watch Walk The Line with Jackson. (He’s really into Johnny Cash right now).
  • I love that movie. Reese Witherspoon is the cutest June Carter Cash, I swear. When they sing “Jackson” – swoon.
  • D wants my blog to be printed and bound after I’m gone. I found a place to do it, but I’m worried they aren’t prepared for the sheer volume of my words. This blog goes back to Sept 2012, and I’ve written a lot. Maybe they can break it into volumes per year? I need to call and work with someone directly.
  • By the way, D promised me he’d post an announcement here after I pass, so you won’t be left wondering. I also can’t promise I won’t schedule a post for after I’m gone. Is that creepy? “This is me from beyond the grave.” Wooooo. Lol.
  • Sometimes you have to laugh about it.
  • Yesterday, we watched Les Mis and Planes, Trains, and Automobiles. Then D watched some terrible shit called Kentucky Fried Movie. We are watching more movies today. He mentioned wanting to watch the Godfather movies. I don’t really care so much what we watch. I just want to spend the day hanging on the couch together. We will eat leftovers and be chill.
  • Earlier in the week, he showed me a very strange movie called Better Off Dead. I didn’t hate it, but I think it’s one of those movies you can only really love if you watched it back in its day.
  • It has always been, and continues to be, strangely soothing to recount these mundane details of my life.
  • I’m still not reading much. I’m hoping to finish my current read over the weekend. After that, I’ll try to find something to get my head back in the game. Though I’ve read 141 books this year, so maybe I just need a break. My head is all over the place nowadays.
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