Other Things

  • I can’t stop eating junk food. And I don’t really care. What’s the point in caring now? Why diet? Nothing matters anymore. It’s kind of freeing tbh.
  • I finished season 3 of Dead To Me and *SPOILER ALERT* I actually enjoyed the terminal cancer story line. I think they handled it really well (for the most part). It was sort of cathartic to watch it. I felt seen.
  • I’m up to season 3 of my Friends rewatch. It’s not nearly as good. I need a new show to watch.
  • I started a new book and it’s not keeping my attention. I need something to blow my mind.
  • I bought the first Christmas present of the season. It’s for my bestie. Gotta work on some other stuff tomorrow.
  • I’m sad tonight. I just want to go to sleep to get a break from it.
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