All About The Eyes

I finally had my annual eye exam this morning, which I’d been putting off because of not feeling well. I was super worried I was going to be told I had cancer in my left eye, because my stupid (evil) type of cancer does met to the eyes, and I’ve been having a bunch of new symptoms: blurred vision, worsening sight, dry eyes, and stabbing pain behind my left eye. I was pretty freaked out this morning. I paid extra for all the special tests, and even had my eyes dilated. Turns out everything looks very good. My vision is a bit worse than last year, but I don’t need bifocals yet! I do have to switch to daily contacts due to my chronic dry eyes. I’m wearing a trial pair right now, and they are definitely more comfortable than my monthlies. It will be worth the extra cost.

I also purchased a new pair of glasses. They didn’t have the greatest selection, unfortunately, but I found a suitable pair. I essentially buy the same style every year anyway: a basic black cat eye. That’s my go-to. I can always buy a “fun” pair online on the cheap. I’ve enjoyed my most recent pair, which I bough from Pair. Lol.

They are perfectly Jenn. ❤️

Excuse how rough I look. I woke up late and had ten minutes to get dressed and leave the house. Oops.

Now it’s off for lunch and shopping with the kids. ❤️

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