Hump Day

Yesterday was a good day. I felt pretty good, and I was able to participate in life fully and normally. I want more days like that.

Jackson’s choir concert was short and sweet. They did a good job. The song selection was extremely odd, but we all loved Thunder Lizard. Lol. You had to be there. But there were inflatable dinosaur costumes so…

And my ex and his gf sat with us! I kinda forced the issue, but still…progress. And we all walked out together too. It was good. I feel hopeful.

I really like his gf. She’s seems sweet, and she’s good to Jackson. I’m glad they both have her to lean on. G has told me recently about how he’s struggling with my prognosis, which totally makes sense. I’m glad he doesn’t have to do it alone. Especially the after part.

Today is Wednesday. I’m hoping to do a Weed Wednesday on Facebook later. It’s been a while. I’m supposed to have dinner with MVS tonight, and I really hope my body cooperates so we don’t have to reschedule yet again. I’m having some GI issues today that I’m trying to resolve.

Freya is sick…again. Another cold. I really hope I manage to avoid catching it. I have like no immune system right now because of chemo. I do not want to be sick over Christmas.

Oh Christmas…it’s sneaking up on me. I’ve been placing online orders like crazy. D is done. I think Jackson is done. I still need more stuff for Freya, but that requires a trip to some specialty shops. I need to get that done asap, but I have like no time until Monday, but then I have chemo on Monday. Gah!!

I still haven’t tackled the sentimental gifts. I’m trying not to stress. I can always give them after Christmas. It’s not that big of a deal.

I have a burrito on the way. I’ve been reading Bone White by Ronald Malfi, and it’s so good. Gonna go dig into that some more.


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