Pinch me!

Things have been going really well, and I’m waiting on the other shoe to drop, ya know?

I was able to manage my symptoms enough that I got to have dinner with MVS on Wednesday night. It was such a good time. We just vibe so well and the conversation flows. It was good to catch up, and we also got our gossip on. Unfortunately, we forgot to take a pic. Next time! And hopefully that will be soon. We already have the venue picked out.

Yesterday with Carrie was just a dream, and I was buzzing all night from what a great time I had. D and I (mostly D) made dinner and it was so great to have lots to talk about. I could tell he loved how happy and vibrant i felt. After dinner, we continued our Christmas movie watching with a 90s movie called Mixed Nuts. I thought it looked promising because it starred Steve Martin along with many other big name celebs. Omg it was awful. Not funny. Offensive. Definitely did not age well. There was a truly cringe storyline featuring a trans woman. Neither of us laughed even once. I was surprised that there were so many recent good reviews on the internet. Idk – I’m probably not the target audience since I don’t really find Steve Martin funny, but D does, and D hated it too. Anyway – DO NOT RECOMMEND. Lol

It’s Friday – yay! D is taking the day off. We’re going to go out to lunch and then do some shopping at the outlets. Tonight is his company Christmas party, and we both need something to wear. I normally wouldn’t have waited until the last minute for something like this, but my priorities have fundamentally changed, and I just don’t care that much about fashion anymore. I want to look good, of course, but I have other things on my mind. Hopefully I’ll find something new that I like, but I have plenty of dresses in my closet that will work if not. Omg who am I? Haha. Anyway – looking forward to spending the day with D.

It’s 9:30 am. I need to get out of bed. I have some cleaning to do. We have a photographer coming tomorrow morning at 10, and we are hosting a Christmas party at 7. I told you this weekend was crazy!

Gotta get it.


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