The Family Stone

was the Christmas movie of the night.

Spoiler alert.

It was a terrible movie overall, but the mom having mbc really fucked me up. Especially when she showed her mastectomy scar, and obviously later when she has died by the next Christmas.


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2 thoughts on “The Family Stone

  1. Came here to say Merry Christmas! I know it hasn’t completely been rainbows and unicorns, but so glad for the most part you have been having some great times over the holidays with friends and family <3
    I'm sorry about the movie. I actively do not want to watch movies about MBC, and it would take me awhile to shake that off. I'm sure you have a coping mechanism when a mindfuck does get thrown your way. My process to shake it off is not exactly profound, but it works for me. I remind myself that everyone's journey is different whether birth, death, or in between, and I think of specific examples to convince/remind myself. And not only that, but this being a fictional movie, it is a fake journey. I hope you don't mind too much when I comment here. In addition to being endearing, funny, so smart, sometimes heartbreaking, etc…your posts often prompt an urge to comment that I don't usually have.
    I am wishing you many more good times and better movies over the holidays X
    PS I am leaving a link to a twitter account I found amusing last night

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