Merry Christmas Eve Eve

It was a chill day of reading and watching TV. More Christmas movies tonight. Jingle All The Way is particularly awful btw. Ages poorly. We also watched Home Alone, which is obviously a classic.

Jackson will be home tomorrow night, and I’m excited. Our tradition is to watch movies and eat all the appetizers and snack foods. We have a couple of gifts that need to be assembled, so we’ve gotta work that in too.

I kind of can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve. Finally. I’m relieved because the last present I was waiting on was delivered this morning. It was for Jackson’s dad, so kind of important. Whew.

I read this today. It was good.

I ventured out to grab a few things at the grocery store this afternoon, and so many of the shelves and fridges were literally empty. Christmas week plus arctic nut punch = no fucking food left. Luckily, they had the few things we needed.

Things here are quiet, and kind of boring, but I’m good with that.


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