• It’s nice having the family home. Even when I’m not interacting with them, I just like knowing they’re around.
  • Chemo was rescheduled to Thursday to be safe and allow the antibiotics time to work.
  • It’s probably for the best because I already don’t feel very well today.
  • I’ve been hanging in bed, binge-ing Friends. I’m almost done with season 4, I think. It’s gotten better and I’m remembering why I used to like it.
  • Last night, after giving up on Krampus Origins, Frey and I watched Labyrinth. God I love David Bowie in that movie.
  • We’re supposed to hang with friends tomorrow, which is good because I need an excuse to get out of bed. And shower. I’ve kind of just given up on myself.
  • I’m tired.
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