Saw my oncologist today. She’s holding chemo until the 9th, and I have to take a ten day course of antibiotics. Poop.

My tumor markers are through the roof, bro. I’m hoping that’s because of inflammation from the infection. Because otherwise…

My left eye seems to be getting worse. The MRI on the 3rd can’t get here fast enough.

I’m trying not to freak out, but it’s getting harder.

My ex is going out of town on Wednesday and has asked me to check in on his mom while he’s gone. She’s having wrist surgery on Tuesday. I said yes, of course, but it kind of feels like a big ask given everything I have going on. Hopefully I won’t be sick while he’s gone. And hopefully everything will go smoothly for her.

The only silver lining to missing chemo is that I’ll hopefully be well enough to enjoy NYE. Fingers crossed.

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2 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. It’s a lot to be in existential mode so often, and I add my sigh to the collective. Imo you make really good decisions and plans re your relationships, healthcare, and legacy. Hopefully, there is something calming to be found in that. You might have cancer, but you are still an absolute boss at life. Too bad tumour markers are required to monitor treatment response. It would be nice not to think about those. Wasn’t it nice when we didn’t know what a tumour marker was? The good old days. I saw the funny photo of Sansa lol. So intense! What a gift that our fur babies never have to think about terminal illnesses; that makes me happy. Hope you can enjoy NYE. Think I am going to introduce the kids to Lord of the Rings tomorrow. They are a bit young, but I want to be here for it X

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