MRIs Be Like…

Had the MRI this morning and it was just as awful as always. So uncomfortable. So loud. I got a call from Dr. B just a couple of hours after. There’s def something going on in the left eye. It’s probably cancer, but they aren’t 100% sure yet. I’m seeing a neuro ophthalmologist on Thursday afternoon. Sounds like, if it’s cancer, which duh of course it is, that we may be able to radiate it. Rads to my eye sounds fucking terrible tho.

I have cancer on my fucking eye. I’m so angry. What if I go blind??? What if I have to wear an eyepatch? For fuck’s sake. Invasive lobular carcinoma is a fucking asshole and a half. It can eat a bag of dicks.

My back pain is fucking intense today. I’m trying to ride out til the end of the month before we do scans, just to get another round of chemo in. It’s already going to be difficult to tell whether this treatment is working given how much time elapsed between my last scans and the start of this treatment. Hopefully I can make it a few more weeks to give the chemo a chance to perform.

I really need to catch a fucking break, yo.

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