12:30 am

  • It’s late, but I’m wide awake so that means it’s time to write it out.
  • The problem is that I’m boring af and have nothing to report.
  • I finished my first book of the year. I haven’t been in a reading mood, and the book wasn’t that good, so it was kind of a slog. But it’s done. Onto the next one.
  • I’ve noticed my vision in my left eye is a bit blurry so that sucks.
  • It’s very early Sunday morning. Today I have plans to see my bestie and finally exchange Christmas gifts.
  • I got some bad news today that my friend’s dad, whom I also consider a friend, was hospitalized with heart issues and things don’t look good. Sigh. He went home against everyone’s wishes, and everyone is upset with him, but I totally get it. You have to live and die on your own terms.
  • I’m not feeling super well so I guess I should wrap this up and try to sleep,
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