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I got out of the house for a family dinner tonight. Even though the service was terrible, the company was fabulous. It was good to catch up with everyone. I’ve been quiet at home too, so I feel like I’ve been missing out on what’s going on with the kids. I need to be better about staying in tune with them.

This afternoon, D and I watched Best In Show, and I forgot how cute and funny that movie is. It was a good pick too, because we just watched part of a dog show last week. We both find them really interesting. I love learning about the different breeds.

I can’t remember the last time I wore makeup. Oh actually- I washed off all my eye makeup for the MRI on the third, which I like never do, and I’ve been without it since. It def brings the cancer vibes to the forefront. Not a good look! Maybe tomorrow I’ll care enough to at least throw on some mascara, but my give a fuck meter is definitely busted. Embrace reality! Lol

Last night, I had this random flashback to when I was around 15, and I used to type stories, poems, and letters on my grandmother’s vintage typewriter. I was obsessed with that thing. I wish I still had it now, but I had to give it up when I moved to California, and then my parents basically threw all my stuff away when their house went into foreclosure. Around that same time period, I was also obsessed with the movie Backdraft, and had a huge crush on Billy Baldwin. I called him William tho because it was more sophisticated. Lmao. Anyway – now I kinda wanna rewatch that movie.

I finished the Matthew Perry memoir. It was a three star read for me. It was interesting, but too repetitive. It def needed to be shorter. I’m glad I read it though. There were some interesting insights into his time on Friends. At one point he was on 1800 mg of hydrocodone per day, which is fucking insanity.

I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Spare by Prince Harry, so I’m thinking of picking that up too even though I’m not super into the royals. I do love a good memoir. And who doesn’t love Princess Di? I will always remember where I was when I heard she had died. I was in a hotel room and it was the night of my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding, in which I was a replacement bridesmaid. Kind of weird how you can be in someone’s wedding and then never see them again.

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  1. I’m about halfway through Spare and it made me thing of you and Jackson and Freya. The fierce love he has for his mother is palpable. I got it on audible so that I could hear his story in his own voice, and that’s been quite lovely as well.

  2. Spare is on my list as well. I’ve been watching the Netflix documentary… it’s so crazy that they turned against Meghan because she was popular.

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